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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

Web Design

Not all webistes are the same, each one has its own purpose.

Some are for selling products, some are to create communities, some others are for providing services... and some are simple windows for web visibility. If the concept is not coherent with the purpose, the risk if to fail and not to benefit the potential of Internet communication.

Put users at the center of your project, always.

Modern languages and tools for web design are powerful and versatile: they allow  to "tailor make" creative solutions with no compromises about usability and accessibility from any kind of devices. No excuses, users are the ultimate factor of your success!

Budget and complexity are variable elements.

One of the skills of a good web designer is understanding real needs and recommending solutions that suit with functions required and goals expected, with a reasonable quality/cost rate. High costs and maximum results don't always go together. Most of times an investment planned step-by-step is the best way.

Web Design
Web Design

Among my favourite CMS, frameworks e programming languages there are:
Drupal, Wordpress, HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript, PHP e mySql.