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How we work at TamagoLab

My toolbox...

I develop using the most famous open source CMS, mostly Drupal and Wordpress. I design original 'responsive' templates for each client, thanks to frameworks for the creation of user interfaces.

I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress.

Mark Zuckerberg

How we work

During my years around Africa I learnt that
perfection doesn't exist, but performance does.

A product is performant when it makes life simpler, a developer is performant when is able to create simple and quick solutions. I was required to think the best response to urgent needs, but also to be quicker than competitors. Quite a daily challenge! A simple but effective first release was the first step to get more budget for improvements.

I discovered many reasons to love my job.
I learnt how not to fall in love (too much) with my ideas…

Focus needs to be on the client's need, not on my personal taste. We all can get wrong, but there's always a marging for growth and improvement.

I learnt that a wide vision is a "must" in this job
because the web market itself is so wide…

When designing a website it's good to think about a whole strategy as well. It's not good to focus just on your specific duties.

TamagoLab Web Tools
TamagoLab Web Tools

We never stop 'co-creating' with the client during the whole design and production process. Our effort is to release products that work, are useful, interesting and looking good. People need to enjoy web!