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Customization, optimization and monitoring, for a high-return e-mail marketing.

It is necessary to develop a strategy that utilizes all the physical conditions and elements that are directly at hand. The best strategy relies upon an unlimited set of responses.

Morihei Ueshiba

Direct E-mail Marketing

TamagoLab works with Direct E-mail Marketing every day, since many years. We develop small and large DEM campaigns, for important companies in Italy and abroad - and editorial newsletters as well.

We care most about quality and performance: we pay attention to graphic details, content, mobile optimization, automation and audience segmentation. It might be not simple to work with e-mail marketing today, but we can help you to take maximum advantage on this channel.

Direct E-Mail Marketing

We develop over 100 Direct E-mail Marketing campaigns every month.
We want them to be effective, optimized for any device and customized for every user.