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Web professions you should know about

Web work is teamwork!

Before telling you about my experience as digital strategist, I would like to introduce the professionals protagonists in the web world - just to give you an idea of who-does-what.

The webmaster taking care of your website is something "old-fashioned", nowadays. When you step into a modern communication agency, you will meet many different web specialists. You will talk to a Digital Strategist to decide the best plan for you, then a Front-end Developer will design a graphic template for your website and a Web Content Editor will produce original content to be published… a full team at your service! 

Here you are some highlights about the main web-related professions that you can find today on the market.

Digital StrategistDigital Strategist

The Digital Strategist is the “project manager” of a web communication plan. You have to tell him everything about your needs and expectations, as well as provide all the information that can be useful to implement a good plan. This specialist usually has skills and experience about many topics, so that can be flexible to propose the most effective actions that can be implemented at a given budget.


UI/UX DesignerUI/UX Designer

User interface is the best business card for a company online. Creativity is important, but also usability needs a special care: a good UI/UX Designer will find a well balanced solution - knowing the last graphic trends on one side, but also being aware of the way people use websites and apps. User experience is a relevant element in the web communication. 


Web DeveloperWeb Developer

The developer is probably the immediate evolution of the old “webmaster”. He is the person who physically builds, tests and upgrade websites and apps, so they can work well and be stable. This technical role is important to get a good infrastructure to manage online communication. It involves creativity, problem solving and practical sense... much more than a basic "backstage" work!


Web Content EditorWeb Content Editor

More than a simple writer, the Web Content Editor is able to handle texts, photos and multimedia. He can produce original content, but also edit existing material and make it suitable for web publication. If needed, he can also take care of “content curation”, that means to select articles, enrich them with an added value and share. Keep in mind that content are a key of popularity on Internet.


SEO/SEM SpecialistSEO/SEM Specialist

Websites become easy to find on search engines (Google, Bing…) thanks to the work of a SEO Specialist, who can mediate between technical, editorial and visibility issues. This professional often takes care also of SEM - buying paid advertising spaces on search engines. This is one of the most difficult web professions, because an information online will be widely delivered depending on his ability! 


Social Media ManagerSocial Media Manager

Nobody aiming to do web communication can get rid of social media, nowadays. Daily presence and consistency on social profiles is a "must-do". Managing publishing calendars, finding new daily inputs, monitoring feedback and answer to the most common questions is a full time work. A good Social Media Manager is your “alter ego” on the social media, available 24/7 to assist clients who have something to tell.


Web AnalystWeb Analyst

At the bottom of the chain there is the analysis of results. The Web Analyst is a “wizard” with numbers, who regularly collects access data from the various web channels and drafts, according to statistics, evaluations about the effectiveness of a web communication strategy. These reports are extremely important to understand where to invest more budget and what instead needs to be fixed.  

Understanding the way a web agency works and start a positive collaboration flow with professionals that are helping you in designing and implementing your web communications plan is a basic to drive your business to the Internet success. Are you ready to start working?

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