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"Business on web" challenge: before you start...

Business on web: how you can build online success

If you have no experience with online communication, probably you'll get stuck immedialtely at the beginning. This doesn't mean that you have to give up. There's literally a crowd of potential clients out there, and the growth rate of Internet users is increasing.

Il primo approccio al web può essere stressanteThe first approach with online business might confuse, especially if you're not used to solve daily needs using Internet - such as doing your shopping, booking holidays, get professional training, and so on...

Companies who never got good results on the web, at least so far, ask how it is possible that other people have been able instead. The good news is that success on web is not random or fortune driven, and also the type of business you deal with is not so relevant - any kind of business can use digital marketing with profit. Going online and benefit from it is about having a good strategy and working on it with resolution. Nowadays there are tools and, more important, methods that have been proved to be effective.  

A "digital strategist" doesn't rely on improvisation, but has the expertise needed to understand situations and give replies about what to implement on the web and why it would be important, alongside with giving practical examples you can easily identify your business with.

But let's jump back for a minute, once more. 

Before you trust and give your things to a consultant or to an agency, get confidence with the digital environment. Look for information with Google, look what others are doing, try out some free tool... make the "monster" harmless, understand how does it work.


I'm already telling you something you will find.

  1. People using Internet on a regular basis, for their daily activities, generally trust online companies because they never had too bad experiences.
  2. People who don't have negative experiences when, for instance, they buy something online, tend to repeat the purchase even on other websites, apps or marketplaces.
  3. People who often buy online become able to understand if they can trust a new company they find on Internet.
  4. Very specific needs and requests can be solved looking on Internet much better and easier than in normal local shops.
  5. A special offer or a small free service can help a potential client to "test" the reliability of your online business, but at the time he trusts, he will be available to spend a normal price for your product or service. 


Now it's up to you, and you can start from these premises:

  1. Any information you give on your website or social profiles will be taken as true and updated. Check well everything you publish, correct content timely and think twice if there is anything misleading.
  2. Don't let online ventures that are already settled descourage you. You will need, of course, a very good plan to be competitive, but this is not impossible. Give yourself time to build a good reputation on the web.
  3. Don't use web to get rid of old or bad quality products. There are sellers over there who offer the best of the best - if you're not doing the same, why should people buy from you?
  4. Don't try to get the wide general public, it's expensive and not really profitable in most cases. Look for your market niche and give a solution to a specific problem you're brilliant to solve.
  5. Don't be scared of giving a little thing for free or at a special price, but after that ask the right price for your best and competitive product. You can structure your offer on different levels, "basic" for who's testing and "pro" for customers who need a proper service. 


When you'll feel confident with these facts and able to put on paper goals and ideas for your business online in no more than 2-3 paragraphs, you're ready to take action.

Let's keep in touch with the next post, where we'll go on understanding how can a company approach digital marketing in a profitable way. In the meantime, you can subscribe our newsletter and start receiving all the updates from this blog.