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About TamagoLab

Why "TamagoLab"?

Tamago is the Japanese word meaning ‘egg’, a little shell where the creativity seed grows.

It doesn't matter whether the Dow is 5000 or 50,000. If you're an entrepreneur, there is no bad time to start a company.

Guy Kawasaki

About us

TamagoLab is a web consultancy studio working on strategic projects and
online communication for organizations, companies and start-up.

Your corporate image on the web

We take care of global organizations' and companies' identity on Internet. For each client we design a custom plan, considering needs, expectations and budget. We can take care of websites management, write and schedule articles for blogs and social media, set-up online advertising campaigns. We create brand new and unique digital content, to meet the goals of your online communication strategy.

“Digital” support for press offices and publishing

Our management has experience in the publishing field and journalism. Our team is skilled to challenge the new online and social media communication needs for events, launches and press conferences. Speed and flexibility are our strenght: we work with journalists, writers and communicators every day, helping them to reach a wider audience, real time.

Graphic design and video for social media

We develop graphic and multimedia packages for social media campaigns - a great support to a coherent and consistent management of corporate profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. This service is important for those who need to handle recurrent campaigns about events or specific topics. We also make videographics and animations - this is one of the trendiest formats at the moment.

Developers for e-mail marketing

In our network there are developers specialized in DEM and newsletter design - this needs a particular care, to get messages that are readable and looking nice on each and every email client. From design to results monitoring, we can offer a high-level assistance by professionals who have been working for years in direct email marketing for important brands.

Beyond web design…

A website is just a part of a wider strategy, yet one of the most important for corporate communication. Wheter you need to build a new website or just to restyle the one you have, we can act in an effective and targeted way. We can also help out with SEM and SEO plans, with regular check-ups, creating landing pages and using any new web tool that might improve results.