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About me

Gisella Gallenca vive e lavora a Torino, dopo un'esperienza professionale di cinque anni in Africa. Nel 2015 ha aperto lo studio di consulenza e sviluppo web TamagoLab, che attualmente serve clienti italiani e internazionali.


Gisella Gallenca lives and works in Turin (Italy), after a 5-years professional experience in Africa. She opened her own web consultancy business called TamagoLab, working both with Italian and international clients.


What do I do?

'Stunt' Coding

'Stunt' coding by TamagoLab

Projects & challenges...

Working as a web developer in Africa has been a great adventure! Experience on the field is a unique opportunity.


Training by TamagoLab

Sharing and innovating...

“Why do you teach? Aren't you afraid to create too much competition in your own work field?”